Electric Car Charger Installation Services

Driving an electric car is the way of the future. We have known for decades that fossil fuels need to be phased out as soon as possible and, with the invention of the new Tesla 3, electric cars could be reaching the general public much sooner than we thought. At an entry price of only $35 000, the Tesla 3 is the harbinger of the electric era. At Christensen Electric, we believe that the only way to move forward is with green technology. That’s why we offer Dickinson residents and businesses a high quality electric car charging installation service.

Why buy an electrical car?

Not only are the new Tesla 3s cheaper (and more stylish) than most petrol powered luxury vehicles but they are also one of the highlights of the green movement. Apart from being a part of the electric car vanguard, there are many other benefits to owning an electric car, such as:

Reduced costs; we all know how expensive it is to fill up. Imagine filling up for a tenth of the price. Because there are no spark plugs or oil filters involved and all of the components are electrical, the maintenance is simpler and problems can usually be diagnosed using a cellphone or laptop application.

Reduced carbon footprint; when an electric car is in all-electric mode, it has zero exhaust emissions. If you ever felt obligated to do your part for the environment, purchasing an electric car is an excellent step one.

Safety; when there is a collision in an electrical car, the safety systems engage and the electrical systems go into total shutdown. This provides a significant reduction in injury rates because of car crashes.

A better way to travel

Driving an electric car is something that will be considered a no brainer in a matter of years. As long as you have a place for the electric charger to be installed, there is no reason not to make the investment. Cheaper traveling, low maintenance, and a quieter ride mean that Dickinson residents have an excellent alternative to fossil fuel vehicles. At Christensen Electric, we believe in supporting the transition to electric vehicles and that’s why we offer Dickinson residents the best electric car charger installation services available.

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