Exterior Lighting Installation in Galveston

At Christensen Electric, we believe that no exterior space is complete without landscape lighting. Not only will exterior lighting illuminate your space and show off your beautiful landscape, but it can increase the safety and security of your property as well.

Whether you're looking to add lighting to your personal residential property or on the exterior of your business, our expert team has you covered.

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Put the Finishing Touches on Your Outdoor Makeover with Landscape Lighting

If you're coming to the end of a landscaping project, landscape lighting could be the icing on the cake. Our team will take the time to understand the style and layout of your new exterior spaces and determine what lighting options would suit you best.

If you have yet to upgrade your exteriors, lighting can also be an excellent place to start. Well-designed lighting systems can work to illuminate attractive spaces on your property and hide those that may need a bit of work.

If you're a business owner, landscape lighting can help new and returning customers see and pay attention to your commercial property. Ask our team about highlighting signage, walkways, gardens, and more!

Create Ambience with Perfect Exterior Lighting Solutions

Having an outdoor patio or deck space for entertaining can really increase the enjoyment of your residential property. However, when the sun goes down, you need a lighting system you can count on to illuminate your space while maintaining the appropriate ambiance.

Our team has plenty of experience designing lighting systems for outdoor living spaces, and we look forward to helping you with yours.

Increase the Safety of Your Property with Landscape Lighting

Exterior lighting isn't all about aesthetics – far from it. Lighting is also used to increase the safety of your property by illuminating potential tripping hazards and helping you get around after hours. Adding lighting can also help ward off thieves and vandals, increasing the security of your property as well.

To learn what other practical benefits landscape lighting can have on your property, don't hesitate to call and chat with our team members.

Choose from a Range or Unique Lighting Options

No two properties are the same, and your approach to landscape lighting will be unique. Our electrical experts are proud to offer a wide range of lighting options for your property. Whether you wish to light up that beautiful oak on your front lawn, highlight your pathways, or detect motion on your property, there are lighting options available, and our team will help you find products that suit both your style and your budget.

Trust Christensen Electric for Exterior Lighting Installation and Maintenance

When designing and fitting exterior light fixtures in Galveston, Christensen Electric is the only name to know. Our team has plenty of experience completing these installations and can help you repair and maintain outdoor lighting when you need it.

For pricing information, product recommendations, property assessments, and all other inquiries, our phone line is always open, so please give us a call.

Reach the Area's Best Outdoor Lighting Expert

Available to serve our clients in Galveston 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when you’re looking for electrical contractors to handle a wide variety of jobs whether residential or commercial, look no further than Christensen Electric.

Active in the community for nearly a decade, we opened our doors in 2009 with the goal to provide affordable electrical installations and repairs and take our client service to the next level by always taking the time to explain exactly what we’re doing to every client we work with.

We believe that it’s important to understand what you’re paying for. So, with every new exterior lighting installation, we guarantee up-front and honest communication from square one. Give us a call today to find out more or book a free service estimate!

Landscape Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting on your property will not only make it easier to enjoy your time outdoors but can help protect your home from unwanted visitors.

When installed properly, landscape lighting will put a spotlight on design features you want noticed as the sun goes down, light up your walkways and decking, and brighten up spaces that would otherwise be blind spots leaving your home open to burglary.

Because of all the positive effects outdoor lighting has had on homes in Galveston and around North America, it’s a well-known fact that quality outdoor lighting will even raise the value of your home!

It’s important to note that by installing outdoor lighting improperly, you could have the opposite of your desired effect. Interested in learning more? We’re happy to answer your questions.

Lighting to Fit Every Style

Outdoor lighting can be used to express any design style you’re aiming for. From impressive modern yards using hardscaping and spotlights to lush romantic yards aiming for something more low-key, at Christensen Electric we’re up to date on all the latest in lighting design and can help you create your dream landscape with lighting.

  • Small path lights
  • Post-mounted lights
  • Deck-mounted lights
  • Spotlights
  • Well lights
  • Pond lights
  • Bollard lights

You can aim for simple lighting or go all out and be creative with your choices. Lighting can even be installed into the risers of the steps leading up to your deck for an extra level of security all year around.

Affordable and Efficient

Christensen Electric prides itself on providing our Galveston clients with lighting installations that are both affordable and efficient. We’re skilled at completing quality work in the desired timeframe as well as sticking to a budget.

Exterior lighting will make your home safe, and even add to its value. And at $30-500 per light it’s easy to tell that there’s an option for every budget. By working with Christensen Electric, you’ll guarantee yourself access to every option that’s currently on the market, all at amazing prices.

Every member of our team of electrical contractors is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our commitment to our industry is what sets us apart from the rest. If you have questions or want to book our first meeting, get in touch today!