Residential Electrician in Friendswood

Here at Christensen Electric, we have years of experience serving the residents of the Friendswood area. We can meet all of your residential electrical needs, whether you need repairs or installation. In fact, we do everything from installing interior or exterior lighting fixtures to providing new construction or remodeling electrical services.

What Makes a Good Electrician?

If you need a residential electrician, then the following are a few reasons why you should strongly consider the residential electric services that we provide at Christensen Electric:

  • Our residential electricians are fully licensed - You should never hire a residential electrician that isn't fully licensed to do electrical work. A lack of licensing often means that the electrician has a poor history, which often results in shoddy work being done. Licensed electricians follow all rules and regulations to ensure that your home remains up to code. Here at Christensen Electric, we are fully licensed to do residential electric work in the Friendswood area.
  • Our residential electricians are fully insured - Never hire an electrician that isn't fully insured. Without insurance, you may be liable for any injuries that occur to the electrician on your property. We are a fully insured company, which means that you won't be liable for any injuries or damages occurred while work is being done on your home.
  • Our residential electricians are fully trained - Our residential electricians are properly trained in order to conduct any kind of residential electric work. This means that we can perform any kind of electric repair or installation to your home. Additionally, you can be assured that our electricians will not cut corners and will know exactly what they are doing. We provide our electricians with continual training in order to improve their skills and knowledge so that we can keep up with the technological advancements that are made over the years. We also provide our electricians with the best and most advanced tools to allow them to do any job necessary.
  • Our residential electricians have a strong track record – Our team is made up of highly experienced electricians that have a reputation for providing residential electrical work that is second to none. A company that is unable to give its clients a list of references to confirm the quality of the work is one you should not trust. Luckily for us, our clients love the work we do, and we can provide you with a number of references that fully support our commitment to excellent service.


Like anything in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach the completion of electrical work in your Friendswood home. If you want a quick-fix solution that might save you a few dollars in the short-term, then you could try doing it yourself. However, if you want a tried and trusted service that will ensure your home’s electrical needs are taken care of and your family’s safety is ensured, then you need to enlist the services of a professionally certified team like us.

As well as the peace of mind that comes from such a decision, there’s also many other benefits that arise from doing so. Four of the most important advantages of doing so can be read below:

    • It’s Not as Easy as it Looks:
    If you are reading this, then the chances are that you may have tried to repair your home’s electrical system with nothing more than the assistance of a YouTube video. If this is the case, then you don’t need us to tell you that it is not as easy as it looks. Put it this way, if you see a 10-minute video explaining how to wire your home’s electrical system, then it’s too good to be true and you should ignore it. If you think of it like this, a certified electrician has years of training and has come across all types of challenging situations. So, why take the chance doing it yourself when you can allow a trained and certified electrical professional to do the wiring work.
    • Your Residential Electrician
    Knows Permits Inside-Out: If you like are most people in Friendswood, then you probably don’t associate permits with electrical work. However, the fact of the matter is that while not every electrical job requires a permit, the reality is that many do. Even simple things like the installation of a ceiling fan requires special knowledge about building codes and the relevant permits. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t take electrical work into your own hands as doing so could end up violating many building codes in the process.
    • Better to be Safe Than Sorry:
    It may be a cliché, but the simple fact of the matter is that when it comes to electrical work in your home, it really doesn’t pay to take chances. With something as powerful and potentially dangerous as electricity, you really can’t afford to play with fire—and that is exactly what you would be doing by failing to get a certified professional in to deal with this issue. The sad reality is that home electrical fires cause the deaths of over 500 Americans every year— deaths that are often avoidable if the proper wiring work was undertaken.
    • Small Choices Pay Off Big:
    By keeping a close eye on the state of your home’s electrical system consistently, you can rest assured that the work that will need to be done when an issue arises is kept to a minimum.

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At Christensen Electric, we have fostered a reputation in the Friendswoodarea for our workmanship and our customer service. We strive to uphold this reputation by making sure our residential electricians are not only fully trained and educated in order to handle any residential electric job, but to provide the best customer service possible through courteous, respectful and clear communication.

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