Surge Protection in Galveston

Surge protection is one of the most important parts of the work Christensen Electric does, because it's so central to the proper functioning of your Galveston electrical system. Surge protection acts as a safeguard against unexpected surges in electricity that can wreak havoc on your outlets and anything that's plugged into them.

At Christensen Electric, we are skilled in the assessment and diagnosis of anything in your Galveston home or business that can put you at risk for electrical surges, which may only last a fraction of a second but can cause significant damage if you aren't properly protected.

A surge protector is a handy device that reduces any random bursts of energy that can otherwise rack up a hefty bill; it's an essential part of any good electrician's equipment. Christensen Electric's experienced electricians understand surge protection better than anyone in Galveston, so if you're experiencing power surges, or are curious whether or not you're already protected against them, give Christensen Electric a call today.

Prevent Irreparable Electrical Damage with Surge Protection

If a power surge courses through your electrical system, it can cause irreversible damage to things like computers or refrigerators—it's more than a mere inconvenience; repairing the damage can run up a serious bill.

Thankfully, the experienced electricians at Christensen Electric can help protect your Galveston home or office against any potential power surges. The first step is to thoroughly inspect every electrical source and piece of equipment on your property to ensure that things are working as they should be.

If they are, Christensen Electric will take the necessary steps to guarantee the flow of electricity remains the same; if they are not, we will install a surge protector to help equalize the flow, protecting you and your assets against any future surges.

Electrical Contractor Committed to Client Satisfaction and Safety

Christensen Electric has worked hard over the years to become an established presence in the Galveston electrical industry, and thanks to our reputation for providing work that goes above and beyond we've done just that.

As with all of the other electrical services Christensen Electric provides Galveston residents, we are committed to complete client satisfaction with our surge protection services. Whether you are curious about whether or not you are at risk for power surges, and require our meticulous inspection services, or you recently experienced a surge and are in need of assistance, Christensen Electric is here to help.

Our dedication to customer service begins the second we answer the phone. From start to finish Christensen Electric works hard to exceed client expectations with everything we do, from the quality of the work provided to the competitiveness of our prices.

Common Causes of Electrical Power Surges

Power surges can be caused by a variety of factors, some within our control and others completely unpredictable. With a professionally installed surge protection system from Christensen Electric, you can rest assured knowing your Galveston home and possessions are safe regardless of what the future brings.

Power outages are a very frequent cause of electrical power surges. With the tremendous amount of energy that starts up after a power outage, there may be a huge surplus of power running through the lines. Lighting strikes, though far less common, will also have similar results. A huge excess of energy will lead to a power surge with the potential to significantly damage your household fixtures and appliances.

In your home, factors that can lead to power surges include damaged or exposed wiring, overloaded outlets or circuits, or high-power electrical devices such as appliances.

Christensen Electric can install surge protectors either for an entire home or business, or individual protectors at outlets. Depending on your home and wiring, one of our technicians would be pleased to assess your space and advise the best course of action.

Our surge protection solutions will give you a sense of security and peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Not All Power Surges Are Created Equal

Many homeowners are under the impression that a power surge is a huge, dramatic, and relatively rare occurrence. It may surprise them to know that small power surges are occurring in their homes almost constantly.

There are two primary types of power surges— internal surges and external surges. Internal surges occur within the household and are extremely common and subtle.

Any electrical appliance with its own motor that runs periodically may be susceptible to a power surge. Electricity is simply diverted to and from other appliances. Examples of this are refrigerators, air conditioners, power tools, and hair dryers.

While these minimal power surges won’t be apparent at all, overtime they can degrade the internal circuits to the point of failure. This is known as “electronic rusting”.

External surges occur outside of the home. Generally these are the ones that inflict more severe damage to your appliances.

Avoid the Effects of Power Surges—Protect Your Home Today

Christensen Electric is committed to offering Galveston residents with dependable power surge protection. We recognize that electronic appliances and fixtures are among the most expensive features in a home, and we take every effort to protect your home and its contents.

High voltage can have various effects on electronic devices within the home. Depending on the amount of current, power surges can result in damaged or degraded electronic equipment.

In the case of a smaller surge, the damage may be slight, but overtime the machine will no longer be able to function.

A larger surge can lead to more significant effects—blowing up fuses, semiconductors, resistors, and capacitors. These can be highly expensive and inconvenient to replace.

To safeguard your household possessions against these potentially problematic power surges, contact Christensen Electric today. We’ll be happy to recommend the best surge protection solutions for your home.

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