Lighting Installation in Galveston

Christensen Electric offers comprehensive lighting services for both commercial and residential properties. From the initial design to the final installation, our team of qualified electricians has you covered.

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Detailed Lighting Designs

We’re an innovative and creative team of electricians experienced in creating cutting edge lighting designs. Drawing from our well-versed knowledge of local and state safety codes and guidelines, we’ll draw up a safe and efficient blueprint with stunning aesthetic appeal.

Our company also boasts an extensive inventory of cutting-edge products that we can gladly incorporate into your design at your request.

Accurate Quotes on Electrical Services

Thanks to our exhaustive and detailed design process, we’re able to give our clients upfront and accurate quotes on our electrical services. Our quotes are not just a lump dollar amount—we provide our clients with comprehensive cost breakdowns that include all material and labor costs.

Residential Lighting

Homeowners in the Galveston area come to us time and time again because they know they won’t find better value for less. We tailor our services to our clients and treat your home like it’s our own—with the utmost respect and care. We believe quality lighting can transform the ambiance of a home. Let us show you how.

Commercial Lighting

Our company has the skill and resources to perform even large-scale lighting installations. Some of the types of buildings we’ve worked on in the past include:

  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Public buildings
  • Condominium complexes
  • And more

Speedy Lighting Installation

Our installation crew boasts some of the fastest turnaround times in the area. Over our many years in the industry, we’ve honed and perfected our labor strategies to be as efficient and quick as possible, without sacrificing quality. We employ the full skill and resources of our team to make sure we respect your deadline. Downtime is lost time, so Christensen Electric gets the job done on time.

What’s more, we stand behind our work. That’s why we’re pleased to offer extensive product and labor warranties. Ask us about them today!

Qualified Electricians

Our electrical contractors are licensed, insured, and bonded to perform any and every aspect of commercial and residential lighting services. Our crew works in strict compliance with all safety codes and guidelines because safety is our top priority.

When you partner with us, you’re partnering with certified and seasoned electrical professionals who perform to impeccable standards of workmanship. Your best interests are always at the forefront of our minds. We’re so confident in the quality of our performance and professionalism that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every job.

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Craftsmanship and quality meet courtesy and customer service at Christensen Electric. Project by project, we’re illuminating the way forward in the electrical industry.

From accent lights to security beams—no matter the job, our electricians will deliver shining results that are fast, affordable, and energy-efficient. Call us today to find out more! 

As a leading team of full-service commercial and residential electrical contractors, we are committed to the highest standards of dependable and efficient availability of electricity. Using the latest and most effective equipment and hardware, our team diligently installs a wide range of lighting appliances and features.

We’ve built up a significant reputation for our unmatched safety record, outstanding workmanship, and exceptional customer service.

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Dependable, Professionally-Installed Lighting for Your Home or Business

Illumination is only one of the countless important purposes lightning serves on your property. Modern lighting technologies allow for multiple colors and effects to be achieved. Depending on the room and layout of your space, you may want soft background lighting or prominent displays and spot lighting. Whatever your needs, our team of electrical specialists have the services you need.

We install the latest electrical fixtures and appliances for both exteriors and interior purposes. Each fixture we install offers unmatched efficiency and energy conservation, and will provide years of dependable, low-maintenance use.

Whether you need an entirely new wiring installed, or a specific feature, our electricians provide the services you need. We install using the highest quality equipment and hardware to ensure durable results. Safety is our top priority and are committed to working diligently and without interruption on each property.

Wide Range of High-Efficiency Light Fixtures and Appliances

We have provided exceptional lighting installation services to a wide variety of residential and commercial properties. We install exterior landscape lighting and interior lighting, offering a tremendous variety of fixtures to choose from.

Our team works alongside leading manufacturers and suppliers of lighting appliances and fixtures, and we are able to offer unbeatable low costs on a wide variety of products. We can offer a broad range of lighting solutions, such as:

  • General Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Solar Lamps
  • Lanterns
  • Motion Lights
  • Impressive Chandeliers and Light Fixtures
  • Pot Lighting
  • …and more

Each of our fixtures includes a guarantee of quality, so you can be certain of years of use.

Highly-Qualified, Diligent Electricians Dedicated to Excellent Electrical Installation Services

Each of our electrical contractors has extensive training, qualifications, and hands-on experience to perform our services.

We are fully licensed and bonded to perform a wide range of safe, diligent electrical installation services. We are also committed to prompt and courteous customer service.

Regardless of your home or business’s electrical needs, we’ll provide you with the highest quality of service at a competitive rate.

Illuminate Your Galveston Home or Business with Modern Lighting Solutions

When you need the best electrical and lighting installation services for your home or business, the specialists at Christensen Electric are ready to serve.

Our wide range of electrical specialties, wide availabilities, and competitive rates make us the one-stop company for any of your electric needs.

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Brighten Your Galveston, TX Home or Business With Premier Lighting Installation

Any home or business owner in Galveston knows how important visual cues are to forming lasting impressions. Studies have shown that the lighting in your home or business can make drastic changes to the way guests or customers perceive your location.

Maybe that’s a shallow approach, but the fact is that humans are visual creatures! And well-lit spaces provide feelings of comfort and safety. That’s important whether you’re inviting friends over for dinner or trying to close a retail deal.

If you want to transform the look and feel of your home or business, trust the city’s superior lighting contractor: Christensen Electric. For over five years we’ve been helping home and business owners with their residential and commercial lighting needs. And our dedicated practice to the art and craft of lighting means the best results for your dollar every time.

Landscape Lighting Installation

The keynote of any beautiful landscaping job on a Galveston property is gentle landscape lighting that illuminates the curves and contours of your yard and creates a soft atmosphere. Perfect for summer nights on the patio, Christensen Electric are Galveston’s experts in producing affordable and high-quality landscape lighting designs that will help you and your family get more enjoyment out of the great outdoors. From pathway lights to hanging lanterns, recessed lighting under pergolas, and everything in between, we’re your top choice for landscape lighting installation for your home or business. Let us help you build an amazing environment to spend time in!

Commercial Lighting in Galveston, TX

As a layman, you may know the principles and practices of good residential lighting design. But can you say the same about lighting your business?

The importance of lighting to commercial businesses such as restaurants and retail outlets can’t be talked about enough. With good lighting design you have total control over the ambiance of your location, which can translate into big material gains!

For example, installing recessed lighting is best suited for minimalist or warehouse-type environments, but customers prefer the natural warmth of incandescent lighting when dining out. A licensed electrician with experience in lighting design will know how to maximize the effect of the lights in your business while also providing quality installation that’s safe and durable.

Installing recessed lighting can be a dangerous gig for the average Joe or Jane without training. Trust the city’s best electrical technician for all your business’s lighting needs!

Bringing Your Home to Life With Light

When it comes to fitting new buildings or retrofitting existing lighting systems, Christensen Electric is the only game in town. Lighting doesn’t just complement the design of the rest of your home—a licensed electrician will know how to maximize the economy and value of your lighting for years to come.

That means you won’t only get flattering and dramatic lighting to suit any residential interior, you’ll also be able to enjoy those same lights for longer. Trusting an experienced lighting contractor is your best bet when it comes to lighting installation. Don’t run the risk of a bad do-it-yourself job or hire a family member. Only a licensed electrician has the training and skill required to do the job right the first time!

Recessed Lighting Installation by the Experts

Home and business owners in Galveston know that recessed lighting is a functional and stylish way to build a beautiful-looking home or showcase a product in a retail environment. The best part is that recessed lighting can be affordable too. With a shift to light emitting diodes through our special recessed lighting retrofit program, it can be great for the environment too—not to mention your wallet!

But before you get up on a stepladder and pick up the circular saw, there’s a thing or two you should know about how to install recessed lighting. The first thing is: you probably shouldn’t be doing it by yourself.


The simple answer to this very basic question is that, though you may be a total design whiz and have a ton of other talents, you’re not an electrician. Amateur electrical work is dangerous. Odds are good you could accidentally electrocute yourself. And without the years of experience needed to quickly assess wiring on the fly, you could set your home or business up for dangerous electrical fires later on.

It’s not only unsafe, but it’s also likely to be expensive—and much more expensive than if you just called a licensed electrician for your lighting installation in the first place. Why? Well, if you do mis-wire your home or fail to properly install your recessed lighting, you’ll need to call in a professional to correct it. That’s paying double for the same end result. Skip the hassle and call Christensen Electric instead!

What’s the Average Lighting Installation Cost With Christensen Electric?

Without knowing the size, shape, and condition of the electrical work in your Galveston home or business and the specifics required for your lighting plan, it’s impossible to give you an estimate off hand. However, if you give us a call, we’ll be able to provide you with an initial estimate and then quickly revise it when we visit the property in question.

That being said, the average cost for lighting installation for Galveston homes and businesses can be anywhere from $100 to $1,600, depending on the complexity and size of the task.

Call Christensen Electric for Guaranteed Excellence

If you’re wondering what the best electrician in your area is, there’s no question. But don’t take our word for it! We have an A+ rating certified by the Better Business Bureau in part due to our commitment to providing excellent customer service. Plus, we offer the benefit of no-obligation consultations before we set foot in your home or business. What are you waiting for? Let us light up your life today!